Dreams are no longer Dreams.

They are a Possibility.

We emphasize development in life skills, academics, social values, health and athletics.


 To become better citizens of the World.

To become better students in the Classroom.

 To be healthier and encourage an active lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to show a path to success for the young boys in need in Baja California Sur. We are dedicated to providing active care and personal well being to as many boys as our building will accommodate. Preparing boys to be with a new family or previous family while building future productive citizens by giving sustenance, leadership and life skills by example is the mandate of Casa Hogar. At Casa Hogar, we strive to Educate and Elevate:


In academics, life skills, moral values, religious values and social values.


To levels beyond the norm within this society.

Our Team


Ryan Draney (President)
Juris Doctor from William S. Boyd School of Law and entrepreneur.


James “Cody” Skene (Treasurer)
Co-founder of Intoyou app and earning MBA from the University of Southern California.

Facts about Us

Your money will go to helping the boys of Casa Hogar in Cabo San Lucas. We ensure these boys have everything they need to have the most successful life. Our boys are doing so well thanks to generous donors, such as yourself, that we are now in process of building a girls facility next to the boys. The girls facility will become a priority so we can keep brothers and sisters together and not be separated to different cities.

There are Three ways you can donate to Friends of Casa Hogar:

 Make a financial Donation right here on the website.

Wire funds directly to our account. Email us for wiring instructions.

Volunteer your time when visiting Cabo San Lucas!

  Share your stories on our social media pages.

 Email Us and we may feature your story on the blog.

We have a lot of great projects and events going on and want to share them with you all. Read our blog to keep updated with all the great things going on!


Friends of Casa Hogar is a nonprofit public charity EIN 47-1279563 and is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.